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,, Having coffee in one of the new restaurants at Księży Młyn, walking among the renovated apartments of a Łódź housing estate, seeing all the young people around the textorial Park buildings, it’s hard not to be under the impression that the city’s historical legacy has been given a new life, a new energy. It is important for us that tenants should like to choose this space and that it will appeal to employees who value comfort at work and the convenience of easy access to a variety of services. Through our actions, we’re also implementing our placemaking philosophy. We want this place to set the tone for both lifestyle and work. In the process, Łódź will be enriched by yet another interesting urban space. ,,
Anna Banaś
CEO, St. Paul’s Developments Polska

Textorial Park II
9,000 sq m of space for relaxation
fitness, SPA & wellness
popular cross-country trails

Łódź is famous for its murals. this is why, at textorial Park II, one of the huge walls inside the main hall of the office buildings will boast a large mural. We have invited local artists to contribute to the project. We want Textorial Park II to become an even stronger part of artistic traditions of urban spaces.

"More and more people pay attention to office location when deciding about their future workplace. the most valued locations include city centres, with a wide choice of local amenities, reliable public transport and the possibility to reach their offices by bike."

Excerpt from the
"Zdrowe Zielone Biura"
study by PLGBC
[Green Healthy Offices].

Less car combustion means better quality of life. This is why we have secured a special space for the car-sharing programme as well as a few electric-car charging stations.

Thanks to a dedicated mobile app developed for Textorial Park II, we will be able to count green miles travelled on sustainable public transport and recalculate it to prizes in our Miles & More programme.

Every day, 360 buses and 240 trams operate on the streets of Łódź. Their stops are located around Textorial Park, making daily commuting much easier.
In designing textorial Park II, we have thought about what matters most for our future users. Łódź already boasts over 150 km of bike paths. this is why we have developed multiple bicycle amenities.
showers for active people
roofed spaces for bikes on the premises
as well as in the underground garages
a mobile bike-maintenance unit
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