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Textorial Park is a modern office park in Łódź, located near the city centre, consisting of 3 class A office buildings.

The complex is located within the Księży Młyn area, which is a very important historical part for Łódź, and borders the historic Źródliska Park. The proximity of the centre of Łódź and the vicinity of green areas cause that fashionable lofts and restaurants appear nearby. The office complex is an open facility that operates 24/7.

There is a large number of bus and tram lines in the area that can be used to get to the Textorial Park complex. The buildings are located within a 10-minute walk of the main communication route connecting Łódź East and West.

Access to the premises of the buildings is granted to people working in Textorial Park, service companies and guests using access control cards. In building A there is an intercom, while in buildings B and C there are reception desks that provide information and are responsible for directing guests to appropriate tenants.

There are 161 parking spaces in the underground garage and 79 parking spaces outside the facility. The bicycle parking lot is designed for 193 users.

There are recreational spaces in the complex: the Amphitheatre (among others, to organize concerts) and a green patio, which, together with tables and benches, give tenants the opportunity to rest, eat lunch and relax.

In building A there is a canteen and a restaurant.

Textorial Park is adapted to the free movement of disabled people.

Investor: St. Paul’s Developments Polska

Address: Łódź, ul. Fabryczna 17

Property Manager:
Fabryczna 17 SPP Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością S.K.A.

Parking: 161 miejsc podziemnych i 79 miejsc na terenie zewnętrznym

Number of buildings:: 3

Building A:
ground floor: 2040m2
first floor: 2081m2
penthouse level: 574m2
restaurant/catering: 300m2

Building B:
ground floor: 1500m2
first floor: 1517m2
penthouse level: 989m2

Building C:
ground floor: 1719m2
first floor: 1912m2
penthouse level: 1458m2
Textorial Park


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