Łódź is currently experiencing its back-in-vogue period. The city’s growing demand for high-quality office spaces is very much in line with the developments across modern-services sectors (BPO, SSc, ItO, R&D), i.e. The driving forces of the city’s success.

Over the past few years, the number of people employed in the creative and science sectors has gone up from 7,000 to 11,000 employees. The number keeps growing, which makes today’s Łódź one of the fastest growing job markets in Poland.
The good market situation in Łódź is based on cooperation with academic centres, which are the source of additional positive energy: the availability of several thousand well-educated employees. The city takes advantage of this human capital. An excellent example of effective cooperation between business and education is the city’s Technology Transfer Centre, the first special purpose vehicle (SPV), operating within the university framework, whose job is to commercialise technologies developed by the Łódź University of Technology. This is how relations are built.

3 class A office buildings
161 parking spaces in the underground garage
79 parking spaces outside
Amphitheatre and green patio
canteen and restaurant in building A
adapted for disabled people


Textorial Park II represents the continuation of the success story of our office division team at Textorial Park, dating back to 2008. The project plan covers 26,000 sq m of office space for rent and 2000 workplaces.

Architects from Horizone Studio have created visual references to the industrial history of the location. The curves on building elevations bring up associations of folded fabric, while vertical blinds allude to threads in the manufacturing process, with colours reminiscent of elevation bricks.

finish materials with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Pleasant looks combined with healthy everyday use.
optimum width of office pathways allowing for unrestricted access to daylight, across the entire workspace area
windows that can be opened in each and every office room. this translates to more natural air and reduced use of air-conditioning.
the BMS intelligent building system monitors the concentration of CO2, humidity and temperature.
the use of highly selective windows that reduce office space overheating in summer, as well as eliminating high-temperature discomfort among employees
elevated floors – about 14 centimetres of extra free space (for installations)
certificate No.


,, The high grade given to Textorial Park II is the result of the application of multiple environmentally-friendly solutions as well as developing a space that has the convenience of its users very much at heart. What also needs emphasising is the fact that this high grade was given to an investment which is revitalised, in other words, additional limitations needed to be taken into account due to pre-existing buildings on the plot. The key role in this process was played by an integrated design process, from the earliest stages of the investment..,,
Dominik Włodarczyk
Assessor BREEAM International, representing SWECO consulting
,, When designing the entire textorial Park II office complex, we took into account many aspects of sustainable development, with a view to help reduce costs of future use and maintenance. This applies to energy-saving solutions of the entire installation. As always, we have given special attention to solutions that are user-friendly and improve the overall comfort of work.,,
Robert Strzeński
Partner, Horizone Studio Architecture Office
unlimited access to daylight
more natural, clean air
green roofs
green courtyard
limited overheating of offices
green and well-lit workspaces
intelligent building system
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